Rowie's Bakery

Cupcake Menu

At Rowie’s Bakery, you can enjoy any cake flavor we produce as an individual cupcake as well!!!  Perfect for entertaining your guests with single individual servings for your added convenience!  Whether you are hosting your social gathering for school events, workplace functions, birthdays, weddings or simply enjoying in the comfort in your own home, cupcakes from Rowie’s Bakery are perfect for any occasion!  Available for individual purchase in store!  Assorted cupcakes are sold per individual pricing.  All Rowie’s Bakery cupcakes are cheaper by the dozen.  Volume pricing available starting at 3 dozen!  Inquire today for more details.



Our delicious Ube cake in cupcake form! Ube is a sweet purple yam common in Asian cuisine. In the Philippines, it’s enjoyed in cakes, ice cream, and many other desserts! Our ube cupcake features a soft ube flavored chiffon cake topped with ube-infused buttercream!


The cake that started it all, now as a cupcake! Soft, moist mocha flavored chiffon cake with a mocha-infused buttercream. Far and away our most popular flavor.


A delicious mango cake topped with our signature buttercream with chunks of real mango hand-stirred in!

Cookies n’ Creme

A moist fluffy chocolate chiffon cupcake topped with cookie’s and creme frosting!

Red Velvet

A mild chocolate red velvet cake topped with a deliciously rich cream cheese frosting and topped with a walnut!

Strawberry Milkshake

Delicious strawberry chiffon cake with strawberry milkshake flavored buttercream on top!


Our take on this cupcake classic with a light chocolate cupcake topped with a rich (but not too rich!) chocolate buttercream!

Buco Pandan

Coconut pandan buttercream on a creamy moist green pandan chiffon cake


We’re adding new flavors all the time! Check back for new flavors!